Best Can Labeling Equipment for Canned Food

Making the world’s best can labeling equipment is our mission at Bear Label Machine. We understand both economies of scale in high output production as well as the psychology at work when your customers consider a purchase. That is why we manufacture the world’s highest quality and most dependable can labeling machines.

Today, the label of a can tells a customer  more than the contents of the can they are holding. It is an essential part of a comprehensive and integrated marketing system, where perfect labeling on each can is a must. Even though *how* a can is labeled is of little concern to consumers, perfect, affordable, and hassle-free can labeling is critical to the overall profitability of manufacturers.

The World’s Best Selling Can Labeling Equipment

Here at Bear Label Machine, we are proud to be known for the world’s best-selling can labeling equipment. Our satisfied customers include some  outstanding companies in the canning industry, such as Del Monte Foods, Campbell Soup Company, Kroger Company, Hills Pet Nutrition, and LDS Cannery. Read our can labeling equipment testimonials to learn about the most significant challenges some of our customers have solved with Bear can labeling equipment.

We continually test our can labeling equipment to improve and add state-of-the-art features that enhance performance, safety, and keep us at the very leading edge in can labeling machinery technologies and innovations. This dedication to excellence is what has given Bear Label Machine the reputation for the world’s best-selling can labeling machine on the market.

The Bear Label Machine Advantage

When low cost and reliable performance are essential to your company, the Bear XS-400 #10 Can and Bear XS-1250 roll-through can labeling machines are a clear choice. Here is the Bear can labeling equipment features you should consider when purchasing a new, used, or refurbished can labeling machine:

  • Designed to outperform the competition: Built-in zero downtime mechanisms to keep you up and running to meet all of your production needs.
  • Stress-tested under 24-hour production use: Both machines feature automatic label loading capability while running. Our machines also utilize Glue Extrusion Technology, which features a cleaner design and is less expensive to operate and maintain than open-pot systems.

The low cost and exceptional performance of the Bear XS-400 #10 and Bear XS-1250 make them perfect for new companies just getting started and for growing companies looking to expand or upgrade existing equipment.

Our world’s best-selling label machine increases your overall productivity. Some of our customers even report up to a 180% increase! The Bear XS-400 #10 Can, and the Bear XS-1250 labeling machines enable you to keep pace with market demands.

We never compromise on our dedication and commitment to continue to produce the world’s best-selling can labeling machines.

To get your Bear Label Machine today, or for more information, we invite you to contact us by phone at 916-638-8433 or email us at

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