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Where Efficiency Meets Excellence

Your Trusted Partner in Roll-Through Label Machines


We’re proud of the reliability and durability of our machines, essential for businesses seeking long-lasting, trouble-free can labeling solutions.

Reduce Costs

One Bear machine can replace two standard labeling machines, significantly reducing labor costs and doubling production capabilities.

Customer Support

We back our machines with a one year warranty and customer support line with free technical support available by phone M-F 6am-3pm PST.


The BEAR XS-1250 handles can sizes 202-404 and the BEAR XS-400 handles can sizes 603 X 600-700. Both come standard with features such as Glue Extrusion and Continuous Automatic Label Loading While Running.

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Bear XS-400 Can Labeling Machine

Our Clients

"Dependable, simple, easy to maintain equipment and quick response service and parts has been a big win for us here at Del Monte Foods Inc.”
Nicholas Arata III
Del Monte Foods Inc.
“Bear label machines are much more user-friendly than the other brands we have used...minimum maintenance downtime, and increased production."
Bill Croushore
Morgan Foods, Inc.
"The customer service is as important to me as the machine itself, everyone at Bear is always willing and able to help with any issue that arises."
Roy Cook
McCall Farms, INC
Label Cans the Bear Way.

The "Bear" Advantage

Our machines are designed for dedicated can diameter, resulting in fewer moving parts, reduced maintenance, and minimal adjustments, streamlining the labeling process.

Bear Label Machine’s ability to label cans with minimal spacing requirements (as little as an eighth of an inch) allows businesses to label twice as many cans as competitors at the same belt speed, enhancing versatility and cost-effectiveness.

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