Glue Extrusion System

Glue Extrusion System 2The fully automatic PLC driven Glue Extrusion System applies a precise amount of lap paste (Dextrin or Resin) to the lap end of the label. The Glue Extrusion System uses controlled air pressure to extrude cold glue through a glue tube. This allows glue to be accurately and consistently extruded and applied to labels regardless of fluctuations in production speed.

Compared to paste belt systems Glue Extrusion improves the accuracy and cleanliness of glue application. Glue Extrusion minimizes down time by eliminating glue slinging and angel hair. This reduces production costs and glue waste while improving the quality and cleanliness of the labeled can.

Glue Extrusion System 1

  • Glue Extrusion is a standard feature on all Bear XS-400 #10 Label Machines
  • Run a more aggressive glue for hard to label applications like foil or high lacquer labels
  • Ability to run either Resin or Dextrin Paste
  • Easy to clean
  • Operator friendly
  • Less expensive than hot glue systems

* Glue Extrusion Conversion Kits *

Have you considered converting your Bear XS-1250 standard label machine to a Glue Extrusion System? We now offer a retro fit Glue Extrusion System designed specifically for your Bear Label Machine.

Glue Extrusion Conversion Kits Here are just a few of the many advantages of retrofitting your existing Bear XS-1250 to a Glue Extrusion System.

  • Easy to install (6-8 hours)
  • Less parts to maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • One Year Warranty On Workmanship and Materials*
  • Free Lifetime 24/7 Technical Support*

At Bear Label Machine, we design using the latest technology in computer-aided drafting and engineering. Our CNC milling machines provide precision machining to assure accuracy and quality.

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