XS-1250 Can Labeling Machine

Std machine pics brochure 031 Bear XS-1250The Bear XS-1250 can labeling machine outperforms the competition. It’s ability to label more than 1,250 cans per-minute, on-the-fly continuous label loading, ultra-efficient gluing system, and it’s zero downtime mechanisms prove it to be the most reliable and cost effective labeler on the market.

The Bear XS-1250 can apply full-wrap paper labels in excess of 1250 cans per minute. All new Bear label machines come standard with Glue Extrusion.It uses less adhesive than other labelers, saving you money. With our unique air-over-oil hydraulic label-feed system, you load without stopping the machine by pressing just one button. It handles two or three piece cylindrical containers, sizes 202 through 404. The rugged construction and sophisticated design of the Bear will reduce your cost-per-unit and provide years of reliable, maintenance-free service. Each Bear XS-1250 built comes with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON WORKMANSHIP & MATERIALS BACKED BY 24/7 TECHNICAL SUPPORT*

Std machine pics brochure 017 Bear XS-1250The Bear XS-1250 has proven itself during continuous 24-hour use in major canning facilities. We have refined and perfected the Bear XS-1250 over years of testing to eliminate problems associated with other label machines.

While industry trend is toward is bigger, more complicated machines, the Bear is of simpler design. This unique simplicity makes the Bear XS-1250 the most efficient and maintenance-free label machine available.

* Glue Extrusion Conversion Kits for Existing XS-1250 Can Labeling Machines*

Trade show pics 013 Bear XS-1250Have you considered converting your Bear XS-1250 standard labeling machine to a Glue Extrusion System? We now offer a retro fit Glue Extrusion System designed specifically for your Bear Label Machine.

Here are just a few of the many advantages of retrofitting your existing Bear XS-1250 to a Glue Extrusion System.

  • Easy to install (6-8 hours)
  • Saves money
  • Less parts to maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • One Year Warranty On Workmanship and Materials*
  • Free Lifetime 24/7 Technical Support*

*Contact Bear Label Machine for details

Bear XS-1250 Can Labeling Machine Features

Bear XS-1250 labelling machine 2

  • UL 508a Control Panel Listed
  • Custom-made to your individual needs and specifications
  • Fast-exceeds 1,250 cans per minute depending on can size
  • Fewer moving parts than any other high-speed can labeling machine
  • Glue Extrusion System (Dextrin or Resin)
  • Safe low-pressure air-over-hydraulic operation; no hydraulic pumps or leaky hydraulic lines; no hand wheel ratchets or clutches
  • One-piece welded steel frame
  • Legs double as hydraulic tanks
  • Stationary or portable
  • Single-button fully automatic or manual label loading
  • Self-adjusting for wide or narrow labels
  • Low-label detector
  • Digital self-tuning thermostat
  • Uses inexpensive adhesives (Hot Melt, Dextrin or Resin)
  • Programmable logic controller
  • High-impact ABS and steel guards
  • All controls easily accessible and readable on front control panel
  • Low cost
  • Available height extensions with and without casters

*Contact Bear Label Machine for details

Bear XS-1250 Can Labeling Machine Specifications

Bear XS-1250 Can Labeling Machine - Back View

  • Label type: full-wrap paper
  • Runs 2 or 3 –piece cylindrical containers; aluminum, steel
  • Available for diameters 202 through 404
  • Compact size: length 48” (202 to 303), 60” (304 to 404)
  • Weight: 560 to 760 lbs.
  • Magazine capacity: 3,000 labels
  • Motor: 1hp TEFC
  • Power requirements: 110, 220, 440 VAC single or three-phase power or as specified by the customer
  • Glue pot heaters: two 800-watt cartridge heaters
  • Air supply: 60 psi minimum
  • In feed height: 37’’
  • Discharge Height: 37’’
  • Adhesive: hot-melt and white paste

XS-1250 Can Labeling Machine Accessories

Bear Label Machine, Co. offers Height Extension and Height Extensions with Casters for all XS-1250 can labeling machines.

  • Casters allow you to roll one machine out and roll another machine into position in order to run a different can size
  • Custom made Height Extensions can be made to customer specifications

*Contact Bear Label Machine Co. for details