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Advantages of buying and running a Glue Extrusion System for your Bear Label Machine

Bear’s cold glue can now be applied through a pressurized stainless-steel tube. My first experience with applying cold glue to the lap end of a label involved a paste belt. The glue of choice back then was a dextrin water-based product made by HB Fuller. All Bear Label Machines back then had a paste belt to apply this glue to the paper label. This was a very messy system that required a lot of maintenance and cleaning.

Currently all Bear label machines are manufactured with a PLC controlled system called Glue Extrusion. There are several advantages to applying cold glue through a pressurized stainless- steel tube ratherthan a nylon belt. First, it is more efficient and operates much cleaner. Secondly, this new glue extrusion system allows you to run a much more aggressive resin glue that sets up much quicker. This allows for higher production rates with less downtime. Bear Label Machine offers this as an upgrade kit to all machines manufactured before 2008 for under $9,000.00.

Most currently produced paper labels are using highly recycled products and slippery varnished coatings. By adding Bear’s glue extrusion, you will experience better production rates through your label machine. Give us a call at 916-638 8433 from 6:30 AM to 2:30PM Pacific time or visit our website at . We also offer service calls to your facility to perform installations and make complete audits for all your Bear label machines.

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