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How the Velocity Control effects picking up the label on every Bear Label Machine.

Every can that rolls into a Bear Label Machine uses the Velocity Control damper continuously. Without it the labels will bounce up and down out of control. This will lead to standing up the label stack and every following can will not pick up a label.

The Primary Table Adjuster allows the operator to position the leading edge of the label to the correct height. This adjuster has a spring on top of the knob to absorb the impact of the can as it rolls onto the label stack. Immediately after this happens the label stack will rebound upwards. The Velocity Control damper maintains a constant label height for the following cans. As hundreds of thousands of cans get labeled everyday eventually this part will wear out
and not function properly.

The life cycle of a Velocity Control damper will vary depending on can speed and how many shifts of production are scheduled each month. When worn out this part will no longer offer the resistance of the labels upward motion. The best plan of action is to add this inspection to the monthly PM schedule and have an extra replacement in your inventory P/N H3000.

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