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Why Should You Use Bear Wrap Around Labeling Machines?

If you are in the canning business, you know the value of efficiency and productivity. So you also know the most effective way to ensure seamless production and customer satisfaction is to have the most state-of-the-art wrap around labeling machines in your facility. This is true in every facet of production including the application of labels on your cans. At Bear Label Machine, we make it our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality and most dependable food can labelers available anywhere. We design and test our machines constantly to improve and add features that enhance performance, safety, and reliability. Our dedication to excellence is what makes the Bear XS‑400 #10 and Bear XS‑1250 roll‑through (or wrap around) label machines the best choice for your business.

How Roll‑Through Can Labeling Machines Work for You

Once you understand the benefits of Bear Label Machine’s roll‑through labeling equipment, we know you’ll see a purchase of our can labeling machines as an unparalleled investment in your business. The best news is, the low cost and exceptional performance of our roll‑through machines can reduce labor costs by using only one operator instead of two. This cost-saving feature is only one of the profit increases you will receive from the highly efficient production of Bear Label Machine’s roll‑through technology. Bear Label Machine’s roll‑through labelers also use less adhesive than vertical labelers, which increases your bottom line.

Another important benefit to roll‑through design is the dual economic and ecological savings. Our machines utilize Glue Extrusion Technology which features a cleaner design. This design is economically effective because it is less expensive to operate and maintain than traditional open‑pot systems. Additionally, Roll‑Through Machines waste fewer labels, which means preservation of resources. Even if this is a small ecological contribution, it’s the difference that makes your company stand out. With the various benefits Bear Label Machine’s roll‑through machines have to a company’s bottom line, the benefits are obvious.

The Functionality of Roll‑Through Machinery for Wrap Around Labeling

When replacing clutch and ratchet style machines with a Bear Label Machine, your case per minute output will increase and overall productivity typically increases 180%. With our unique air‑over‑oil hydraulic label‑feed system, you load labels without stopping the machine. The Bear XS‑400 #10 applies full wrap around paper labels for can containers and is capable of labeling in excess of 400 cans per minute. The Bear XS‑1250 applies full wrap around paper labels for can containers and is capable of labeling in excess of 1,250 cans per minute.

Both the Bear XS‑400 #10 and Bear XS‑1250 labels machines have been tested under 24‑hour production use. Both machines feature automatic label loading capability while running. Each and every Bear Label Machine produced comes with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL WORKMANSHIP AND MATERIALS PLUS 24/7 LIFETIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT.

Experience the Bear Advantage

When low cost and reliable performance are important to your company, the Bear XS‑400 #10 & Bear XS‑1250 roll‑through can labeling machines are designed to outperform the competition. This rugged durability of our machinery withstands the rigors of daily production while promoting precise application. We’ve built in zero downtime mechanisms to keep you up and running in order to meet all of your production needs.

For more information, or to get your Bear Label Machine today, contact us by phone at: 916‑638‑8433, or email us at

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