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A food can labeler is a necessity. As a canned food producer, you need labels on your product before it leaves your factory or small business. Both our Bear XS‑400 #10 and Bear XS‑1250 roll‑through can labeling machines are the best choice you can make for your business.

Our can labeling machines are highly dependable and of a great quality. We are dedicated to excellence and it shows. The Bear can labeling machine was developed in the late 1980s to fill the growing demand for a high‑speed roll-through can labeling machine. In 1991, we sold our first food can labeling machine and haven’t looked back.

We make each can labeling machine to customer specifications. It is assembled in‑house at our facility. We design our machines using the latest technology in computer aided drafting and engineering, so your food can get labeled properly and with the best technology available. Our machines ensure accuracy and quality.

Our can labeling machines have features such as Glue Extrusion and automatic label loading. We have a unique air‑over‑oil hydraulic label‑feed system so you can load can food labels without stopping the machine. Yes, you get non‑stop service with our machines. The Glue Extrusion technology we use assures that you have a cleaner design. It also makes it less expensive to operate and maintain than open pot systems. Our machines use less adhesive, which saves you more money.

Where do we stand on using can labelers dedicated to can size?

We believe that you should use can labeling machines dedicated to can size. Dedicating your can labeler means that you run at higher speeds. This means you can label more cans and be more productive. An adjustable machine, just because it’s adjustable, is never quite “in adjustment” and will never operate at the high speeds possible with a dedicated style can labeling machine.

What can our Bear XS‑1250 can labeler do? 

We’re very proud of the food can labeling our Bear XS‑1250 can labeler provides. It’s designed to run sizes 202 to 404 through cylindrical containers. It exceeds 1,250 cans per minute depending on can size. The single‑button fully automatic or manual label loading capability makes it easy for you to determine how to feed your food cans into the machine. The magazine capacity is 3,000 labels. The machine will self‑adjust for wide or narrow labels. The Glue Extrusion system uses either Dextrin or Resin, depending upon your needs and specifications. All controls are easily accessible and readable on the front control panel. The power requirements for the XS‑1250 are 110,220,440 VAC in single or three‑phase. It is either stationary or portable with fewer moving parts than other high‑speed can labeling machines. You can get a one-year warranty on workmanship and materials and we offer free, lifetime 24/7 technical support on all our products.

What does our Bear XS‑400 can labeler do?

Designed to run 603 x 600 and 700 #10 cylindrical containers, the Bear XS‑400 #10 can labeler is capable of labeling in excess of 400 cans per minute. The label magazine has a capacity for 4,000 food can labels. You have an automatic label loading option while the machine is running. We have a Glue Extrusion System in either Dextrin or Resin depending upon your needs. This food can labeler has an aluminum pick‑up‑pot with two zone heat control and a graph user interface with touch screen control. The interface features include:

  • Can counter
  • Case counter
  • Glue extrusion timer
  • Stack light control
  • Pick‑up‑pot temperature control
  • A help center
  • Contact information

It’s state of the art and will ensure that your food can labeler applies the exact amount of glue needed. We also offer a one‑year warranty on workmanship, parts and materials and free, lifetime, technical support.

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