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The World’s Best Food Can Labeling Machine

Bear Label Machine, Inc. in Rancho Cordova, California makes the best food can labeling machine in the world. Our mission is and always has been to provide our customers with the highest quality and most dependable food can labeling machines available anywhere. We design and test our machines constantly to improve their quality and add features to enhance your experience as well as the machines’s performance and safety.

You need the world’s best food can labeling machine for your business. Bear Label Machine, Inc. has two models for you to choose from; the Bear XS‑400 #10 and Bear XS‑1250.

These food can labeling machines are designed to outperform the competition and have zero downtime mechanisms built in. Our machines work flawlessly when tested under 24‑hour production conditions.

Primary benefits of our food can labeling machines include:

  • Automatic loading of labels while the machine is running
  • Glue Extrusion System technology
  • A cleaner design that is less expensive to operate and maintain than open pot systems
  • One year warranty on all workmanship and materials
  • 24/7 lifetime technical support

Our machines are competitively priced and highly reliable. We’ve got everything you need in a food can labeling machine.

For more information on Bear’s food labeling machines, download our brochures available in both English and Spanish. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 916‑638‑8433. We will be more than happy to work with you to customize a food can labeling machine that meets your needs, cuts costs, and saves you time.

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